Time Travel


@jujutzu147 (Instagram)

This is by far the best online virtual escape room ever! Thank you for the opportunity! We had a really good time!

We have done 3 other virtual escape rooms, 4 including this virtual room. However this virtual escape room was the best one and we were impressed with the flow and interlinking between the questions.

We really enjoyed it and had some fun time! Thank you so much!


@yolandalindeque (Instagram)

It was amazing Star-Struck. Totally loved Smiling Face with Hearts it!!!!!


@itsdanilev (Instagram)

100% and you guys were so helpful, thank you so so much we appreciate it! 5 stars Star


@larapansegrouw (Instagram)

It was SO much fun! My partner and I absolutely LOVED it


@kristy_devine (Instagram)

Fire we were on for an absolute killer time.. and then there was this 1 level… bliksem


@kajalvallabh (Instagram)

We had tons of fun Grimacing Face some bits were challenging. Would definitely recommend it to family and friends Thumbs Up Star-StruckPartying FaceGrinning Face with Big Eyes